On said Website the Customer can select certain products and quantities. The Customer can select the desired item by clicking the button “Add to cart”, thereby adding the product to “Cart” or “Bag”. Once the Customer has selected the desired items he can click “My bag” and subsequently the button mentioning “Checkout”. Subsequently the Customer sees the web page “Your shopping cart”, where the Customer finds a survey of the chosen items with a price indication and the Customer can, if desired, remove products or adjust quantities. Next, the Customer needs to click “next” and on the next page that appears (s)he needs to make a choice between “Buy as customer” or “Buy as guest”. Alternatively, the Customer may select “Buy as guest” by clicking “Buy without registering”. If the Customer chooses the latter option, (s)he will access a page to fill out his/her personal and address data. Subsequently, the Customer needs to click “continue” and the Customer will – on condition that all the required fields have been filled out - access the same page as the Customer opting for “Buy as customer”. On this page the Customer needs to fill out and/or adapt the delivery address and subsequently click “Next”. On the next page that appears the Customer needs to choose a method of delivery (indicating the price) and the Customer needs to accept the General Conditions of Sales by clicking the button mentioning “I agree to the General Conditions of Sales and will adhere to them unconditionally”. However, (s)he will be given the opportunity to read and store the General Conditions of Sales using a hyperlink. To this end (s)he needs to click a button mentioning “(Read General Conditions of Sales)” upon which the page with the text of the General Conditions of Sales will appear. Subsequently, the Customer needs to click “Next” and will access – on condition that (s)he has agreed to the General Conditions of Sales – a next page on which (s)he needs to choose the method of payment. On this page the Customer must select payment using a “Credit card”. Subsequently, the Customer needs to click “Proceed” and the Customer will receive a survey of the products with mention of the total sum to be paid (including delivery costs), the delivery address and the chosen method of payment. Subsequently, the Customer needs to click “Proceed” to access his/her bank’s page for online transactions in the event of payment using a credit card. The sale will only be concluded following payment using a credit card.  Until the payment step the Customer can always go back in the purchasing process by clicking “Back” or “Previous” to make possible changes and/or end the purchasing procedure. During the entire purchasing procedure the Customer will see a list of ordered items indicating any and all prices and costs. During the entire purchasing procedure and at the top of the page the Customer can see which phase of the purchasing process (s)he is currently in. If the Customer performs the payment, he will enter a contractual agreement and the order will be considered final (also see section above).
By means of an e-mail sent by the Seller the Customer shall receive confirmation of the receipt of his/her orders and payments.
In the event the data base encounters problems with the use of the Website, such as, in particular, attempts of fraud, placing incomplete or incorrect orders, providing clearly erroneous data, non-payment of previous deliveries or refusal on the part of the Customer’s financial institution to approve payments or non-confirmation of the payment via web banking on the part of the institute providing the technical support for such payment transactions, the Seller shall have the right to suspend the order and the subsequent delivery without having to motivate his decision.
Any modification of the order by the Customer following his/her confirmation shall be subjected to the explicit and written confirmation of the order in question by the Seller. In the event of a request from the Customer to change the order following shipment of the goods only the procedure to revoke orders as described in section 8 below shall apply.
In the event of the non-availability of ordered items, the Seller shall immediately inform the Customer and offer an alternative product.
Previous purchases by Customer shall be archived. 

Delivery Disclaimer

The goods shall be delivered to the address the Customer filled out when going to the steps to order products on the Website and according to the delivery methods stipulated in the General Conditions of Sales.
Unless another delivery period was agreed, the Seller shall deliver the goods by transferring to the Customer and forthwith the actual possession or control over goods and this no later than 30 days following the conclusion of the agreement (resp. the confirmation of the order by the Customer). The risk shall be transferred to the Customer as from the time of delivery at the address entered into the order form by the Customer or as from the time of collection of the goods by the Customer at the post office. As from that time the Customer shall bear any and all risks in connection with the loss, theft and (full or partial) destruction of the goods.

Accountability Disclaimer

The Seller can never be held accountable for:
The quality, completeness, correctness, suitability, availability or form of the contents or information on the Website or other (external) websites reference is made to using (even permitted) hyperlinks on the Website;
Possible technical failures, disruptions, technical errors, wrongful technical maneuvres, unpermitted interventions, viruses etc. on the Website;
indirect damage or consequential damage (including but not limited to waste of time, lost opportunity, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of data, emotional damage etc.);

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