Vinette Rose Italian Boutique is a pop-up store located in Cranford, New Jersey and grew from a partnership that soon became a lifelong friendship, and was named for our grandmothers, Vinette Paslaqua and Maria Rosa Gallicchio.  Melinda Ciattarelli and Francesca Rosa Merendino met through their love of Italian style and decided to work together to import Italian bags and jewelry so that every woman could experience Italian quality, glamour and unique style without having to travel to Italy!  

We also host bag and jewelry parties and fundraisers for various organizations.  Contact us if you're interested in hosting a party!


"Every woman has a bag, but does every woman need to have the same bag?"



Vinette Rose Italian Boutique


25 North Ave. W. (Located in Ciao Amici)


Cranford, New Jersey 07016


 (908) 240-5097 / (908) 565-2856 



Vinette Rose Boutique

  • We carry imported Italian bags and jewelry from exclusive designers… Cruciani, Braccialini, Vendula, and Rebecca!
  • (908) 565-2856 / (908) 240-5097
  • [email protected]
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